myosesh About

I am an exercise physiologist in Japan and clinical myotherapist in Australia. I started this website to get people to know about this industry more. This website is about sports, nutrition, exercise, fitness and musculoskeletal posts. 

I have played a fair bit of sports such as baseball, lacrosse, soccer, basketball, golf, judo, volleyball and sprint. Sports are a lot of fun but injuries can happen. Every time injuries occur, you may have to stop training or the worst case you have to stop playing the sports. 

My another interest is pain science. Why do people feel pain and why do people describe pain differently? What can it lead to chronic pain and why have people been having pain for 20 years? Why can spinal cord injury (SCI) feel pain? (SCI often causes loss of pain, temperature, sensation and motor control).

Great to see people with chronic pain getting back to what they used to enjoy but stopped due to pain.

Hope this website facilitates practitioners who help patients or people who suffer from injuries or diseases.