myosesh Exercise Doing cardio before and after weight training to burn fat

Doing cardio before and after weight training to burn fat

Do you make a lot of effort to lose weight by doing cardio?

Do you lift some weight before or after the cardio?

Let’s see if the effective or not!

1, Cardio pre-resistance training (doing cardio before the training )

The study researched how cardio before resistance training affects the body in terms of the fat and lipolysis. The study group researched if the prior aerobic exercise affects muscle gain. They split into two groups which are 5mins of bike pedalling and 60 mins of bike riding before the resistance training (both 50% of VO2MAX).

The study shows that endurance training followed by 60mins of endurance training inhibited the production of growth hormone. However, the group who did 60 mins of cardio and resistance training afterwards showed that it increases free fatty acids in the blood, which means the body uses fay as an energy resource.

*When the body promotes breakdown of fat, the growth hormone gets inhibited.

Table1, free fatty acid in blood of 5mins and 60mins of cardio
Table2, growth hormone after 5mins and 60mins of resistance training

2, Cardio post-resistance training (doing cardio after the training)

Another study researched how resistance training followed by cardio affects free fatty acid and lipolysis. They divided participant into 3 groups. The first group (RE120) did 6 kinds of resistance training (10RM times, rest 1mins), 60mins of submaximal endurance training and have 120mins rest between. The second group (RE20) performed 6 kinds of resistance training (10RM times, rest 1mins), 60mins of submaximal endurance training and have 20mins rest between (rest time is different from group 1). The last group (E) only did 60mins of submaximal exercise.

Table3, Lipolysis in different groups every 15 mins

As table 3 of black column shows that combination of resistance training and aerobic training helps burn more fat than just do aerobic training.

3, Just Cardio

As, the table 3 shows that only doing cardio is not as effective as combination of resistance training and cardio is. The best outcome is to perform resistance training 20mins before doing cardio.  


  • Resistance training before cardio is good option to burn fat in comparison to just doing cardio
  • Low-mid intensity and long duration of cardio helps to burn fat
  • The body starts using fat more than carbs when you perform longer than 20 minutes of aerobic exercise.


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