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Importance of core muscles

When you hear core muscle, you probably think about six pack abs, not a beer belly. Having shredded and toned six-packs looks pretty cool and great. However, is that related to strong core muscle? And why is it so important?

Core muscle is not only abdominals but also erector spinae and respiratory muscle.

You use core muscle every day and almost all movements.

You use your core muscles without noticing in most of activities you do such as getting out of the bed, keeping your back straight, walking and holding something. A main role of core muscles is to support the body.

Having six-packs does not mean you have a strong core muscle

I have had some opportunities to work with sumo wrestlers who are huge. Sumo is basically body contact sports which you lose when you touch the ground with your body apart from feet or you get pushed out from the circle. They have to be big enough to bear huge loads and support your body not to fall down. They do not have shredded six-packs. However, their abdominal muscle is really hard like a rock which means they have strong core.

It is importance for athletes to improve core strength

The study *1 shows that the female professional golfers who performed 12 weeks of core strength training improved their driver shot performance, flexibility of core muscle.

The study *2 shows that deep core muscle (Multifidus, quadratus lumborum, psoas major and erector spinae) can cause compensation, which leads to lower back pain.

It is also important for everyone to have good core muscles

The study *3 *4 suggests that core muscle can prevent seniors from falling and help MS (Multiple sclerosis) walk with less fatigue.

Also, weak core muscle will provoke compensation from other muscles that could cause poor body balance and pain.

What you would benefit from core training

  • Flexibility
  • Prevention of injury
  • Stability
  • Fall prevention
  • Improvement on performance
  • Improve respiratory function


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