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Infection control tinea pedis

This is commonly known as Athlete’s foot and also called mycoses (fungal infection) Can involve several types of fungi(dermatophytes). Phytes are plants that grow in a certain place and way. These dermatophytes are called tinea named after where the lie in but the generic name for this type of infection is known as Ringworm although it is not caused by worm at all.


Dermatophytes which is fungus on the skin live on dead skin cells and they like to stay warm and moist places such as between toes and groin area.

This condition is very contagious and transmitted by touch like anything that has skin contact such as a door handle, gym equipments, towels and straps  in the public transportation.

Sign and symptoms

·Peeling skin


·Burning and itching

It could lead to lymphangitis or cellulitis if it is left untreated.


The structure of fungus resembles to body’s own protein which makes hard for the immune system to distinguish them.

Topical fungicides are usually prescribed to treat them and oral fungicide is used for stubborn infections as standard fungicides are resisted by dermatophytes plus it is difficult to reach under the fingers and toenails.

There are several types of fungal infections such as

·Tinea Corporis (Body ringworm on the trunk)

·Tinea Capitis (head ringworm)

·Tinea Cruris (known as jock itch, on the upper thigh and buttocks)

·Tinea Unguium (fingernails and toenails)

·Tinea Manus (hand)

· Tinea Barbae (Known as barber’s itch or barber’s rash, beard area of the face)

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