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Metabolic Syndrome

What is Metabolic Syndrome?

Metabolic syndrome itself is not disease but complex conditions that cause type2 diabetes mellitus as well as increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.




· Physically inactive

· Smoking

· Alcohol


It turns out that different countries have slight different measures to see if the person is metabolic syndrome or not.

1.Central (abdominal)obesity-Excess fat in and around stomach

Australia-94cm or more in men, or 80cm or more in women

Men from asian countries such as Japan, India, Malaysia and Iran, South and Central American-90cm or more


Australia->140mg systolic, or >90mg diastolic

Japan->130mg systolic, or >85mg diastolic

3. Cholesterol and triglycerides

HDL-chlesterol level is 40mg/dl or and Triglycerides is 150mg/dl

4. Impaired glucose tolerance or fasting blood glucose

Over 110mg/dl or being on medication of this condition

In Japan, people who have 1 with more than two conditions out of three which are 2-4 will be diagnosed as a metabolic syndrome.


· Make dietary changes: reducing the foods that contain a lot of Sodium, fat and sugar.

· Increase your physical activity: start off with small things such as use stairs instead of the lift or escalator. Riding a bicycle to get to work instead of driving. Waling and going to the gym if you can.

· Manage the weight: Both modifying what you eat and exercise are crucial to loose your weight.

· Stop smoking

· Medication if required


Metabolic syndrome is a collection of conditions that often occur together and increase the risk of diabetes as well as heart attack and stroke. Managing your weight usually helps to improve the conditions.

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