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Osgood-schlatters disease


Osgood-sclatters is the condition that is inflammation and irritation at the tibial tuberosity where quadriceps muscles insert into. This condition is common in the adolescent as bone grows quickly.


·Adolescent bone spurt

· Bone is not calcified fully then repeatedly stressed on the tibial tuberosity

· Tendon pulls on bone which causes tiny fracture and enlargement of the tuberosity(Common case)

·In severe case, avulsion fracture occurs

Sign and Symptoms

·Athletic and active teenager

·When it is acute, knee is swollen, hot and painful(tibial tuberosity where is just underneath the kneecap)

·When it is not acute, no pain or inflammation but there is permanent bump due to remodeling of the bone.

·Kneeling might be uncomfortable


·When it is acute, ICE where it is in pain

·Warming up and cooling down properly especially quads and hamstrings

· Wearing a strap that covers knee or specific one which is wrap around tibial tuberosity.

· If it is severe case, you might need to suspend the activity and take a rest until condition is mitigated · Is there is no inflammation and swelling, massage will help to relieve the pain and condition.

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