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ROM (Range of Motion)

 The very basic but people tend to belittle ROM.

Basically, ROM is how much your joint moves. Tight muscles, injury, ligament or joint issue can cause restricted ROM. Also, ROM tells therapists and patients how restricted the ROM is so that both therapists and patients can see what the ROM is after the treatment.

 There are 3 kinds of ROM which are

  • Active (patients perform actively) to check muscle function
  • Passive (therapists help to move forward) to see joint flexibility
  • Resisted (push against the pressure) to look at muscle weakness

-Upper body-

Cervical ROM

·Flexion (Chin to chest):50-70°

·Extension (Look up): 80°

·Lateral Flexion (ear to the shoulder): 20-45°

·Lateral rotation (look over the shoulder): 70-90°

Glenohumeral Joint (Shoulder)

·Flexion (goes forward as far as possible): 180°

·Extension (arms go backwards):50-60°

·Abduction (arms away from the body sideways):180°

·Adduction (arms cross each other in front of the body elbow straight): 50-70°

·Internal rotation (elbow bent 90 degree fingers point to the floor):60-80°

·Lateral rotation (elbow bent 90 degree fingers go backwards): 80-90°

*internal rotation and lateral rotation can be done by the way to grab or hold hands on your back (one comes from lower back and the other comes from shoulder, and see how far away two hands are)

Elbow Joint

·Flexion (elbow bent): 140-150°

·Extension (elbow straight): 0-10°

·Supination (palm down): 90°

·Pronation (palm up): 80-90°

Wrist Joint

·Flexion (fingers down):80-90°

·Extension (fingers up):70-90°

·Radial deviation (thumb side goes close to forearm):10-15°

·Ulna deviation (little finger side goes to forearm):30-45°

-Lower body-

Lumbar spine

·Flexion (bend forward):40-60°

·Extension (go backwards) 20-35°

·Lateral flexion (bend sideways or slip down the hand through outside of the thigh): 15-20°

·Rotation (thoracic, cross arms in front of the body and rotate): 70-90°

Hip joint

·Flexion (legs towards stomach): 110-120°

·Extension (legs towards the back): 20-30°

·Abduction (a leg away from the other leg): 45-55°

·Adduction (legs get close each other): 20-30°

·Internal Rotation (knees go in):30-45°

·External rotation (knees go out): 45°

*Hip internal and external rotation can be done in prone and supine

*Hip internal rotation in prone can be used as a test for piriformis muscle

Knee joint

·Flexion (knee bent): 135°

·Extension (knee straight): 0


·Dorsi flexion (heel down): 10-20°

·Plantar flexion (heel up): 50-60°

·inversion (big toe side goes up)20-30°

·Eversion (little finger side lifts up): 10° *All angles might be slightly different where you get information from

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