myosesh Others Vague definition of massage (distinction between remedial, myotherapy, sports and relaxation)

Vague definition of massage (distinction between remedial, myotherapy, sports and relaxation)

Massage is a well-known complementary therapy in the world to relax the body and loose up tight muscles. There are quite a few kinds of massage such as Thai massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, remedial massage and lymphatic drainage and more.

People tend to use the word “massage” a lot as everyone knows what it is. However, there are quite a few kinds of massages and people do not know what exactly they are.

I just want to explain them and get people to know them too so that they have some ideas before having treatment and we as a therapist can minimise the gap between what we do and what you will receive.

I had an opportunity to work in one of the mining areas and heard that what you do is different and I am not used to what you do, which made me think that I need to clarify what they are. I explain relaxation, sports, remedial and myotherapy as they are most common ones and I have not had others such as Thai, bowen therapy, lomi lomi etc. 


Myotherapy consists of dry needling, cupping, TEMS machine, Joint mobilization, Trigger point, exercise prescription, rehabilitation, pain management and taping. They are all part of myotherapy course.

 We ask, assess and identify what is provoking the issue and treat, then ask, assess and treat to fix the problem. We often get the patients to change positions to see how the ROM improves or what movement reproduces pain. Treatment time varies but up to 1 hour.

It is similar to physiotherapy treatment. I would not call it massage. It is all about fixing the issue by approaching muscle, joint, tendon and ligament.

Remedial massage

Famous in Australia, this massage is to release muscle tension or pain caused by muscle tightness. Remedial massage therapist assesses to know briefly what the problem is and what muscle provokes pain and trouble. Treatment time is usually 30 mins to 1 hour, treatment consists of trigger point (similar to pressure point), Myofascial release, pincer grip and muscle energy technique.

Sports massage

This is used before, between or after the competition or the game to get ready for the game or loosen up muscles for the next race or next day. Some sports have specific types of massage. For example, the flush is often done between or after the swimming competition to flush the toxin.

Effleurage and tapping to improve blood circulation and fire up the muscles. active, passive release techniques are used.

Relaxation massage

This is the massage people usually get at spas. Therapists usually use oil to make smooth and gentle touch to relax. It is good for people who suffer from anxiety and depression, or just get away from busy and stressful lifestyle. However, it is not as effective as remedial or myotherapy in terms of releasing muscle tension or tightness.

They are considered and called as a massage but they are designed for different purposes.

 Myotherapists modify the treatment for people with different conditions between remedial massage and myotherapy treatment.

They do not usually do relaxation unless patients request.

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